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thousands, for visitors to take a nap, you can also gently swing the swing, let the natural scenery, the natural wind slowly into the field of vision Climbing through the heart, slowly moving the heart and continuing to move forward, the vision is enlarged to the sky of the sky, looking at the innocent, the vast sand dunes are endless, the green sands of the sand dune skin, the dense Populus euphratica, vigorous Indus, such as the girl's hair, the elegant sand jujube, do not think that it must be a kind of sand jujube, wrong, in fact, it is a dwarf clump-like plant, also known as hair grass, fine stem on the end of spring At the beginning of the summer, the purple buds are as fine as rice grains. In the midsummer, they have pale pink flowers. They have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying and diuresis. There are more than 30 kinds of sand-turned jujubes. The branches are tough and tortuous and buried by quicksand. After that, it can emit adventitious roots, adventitious buds Newport 100S, and its fruit has filamentous bristles such as pompons, which is a pioneer species of sand-fixing afforestation. There is also the elegant Sanmeng grass with feathers, the ugly beauty of the pig's head, and the medicinal value of rhubarb, big scorpion, scutellaria, bell thorn, the most eye-catching red sap in the desert family, the blood color is red and dyed with gold. The sand of the sea, splashing the passion of the spectacular, the heroic of the years. Boarding the Shahai Mingzhu Sightseeing Tower, we can see the vastness of the camel bells and the vast sea of ??jungles, and feel its vast and innocent squats, where we can climb sand dunes, cross the sand, and explore on foot. Along the way, there is a nostalgic version of the reeds, a stone bench, and a sink for natural groundwater. Look carefully on the lush trunks and you will see a nest that attracts wild pigeons, spotted owls, native brooders, wild hawks, crows, etc. When I climb the sand dunes, I like to walk barefoot. Although there are thick cables that can be attached, I prefer to climb by hand. I feel the warmth of quicksand, feel the kiss of skin and quicksand, tired, tired, lying on the sand, or On the back of the face, enjoy the romance of the heavens and the sand. Here we can go to the camel bell spring to swim, go to Mengpo Spring to swim, go to Huanghuapo to pick up the ginseng, go fishing on the ancient river. Go to the dream pavilion and let go, and go to Lovers Island to stop feeling. You can also enjoy the ostrich dance in the sand bay and go to the wild boar forest to watch the wild animals in the desert. The favorite experience is the desert buggy. Just sitting down, we only listened to the driver, the car has begun to climb high and low in the continuous sand dunes, walking around, and our screams overshadowed the whistling sound of the off-road vehicle, the huge contrast between the rise and fall, The streamlined rapid reentry has brought our passionate passion to the extreme, cheers, shouts, and boiled the entire camel bell. The camel ringing bursts, like a long-lost song of the desert, it sounds extraordinarily appealing Parliament Cigarettes, and it is impossible to imagine. This is the ancient battlefield of the Jin Ge iron horse, the wolf smoke, the armor surging, now the sea is changing Oasis has become a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Camel Bell is also a natural safari park, which is home to a family-protected animal wild donkey and a second-class protected animal wild boar Marlboro Red, as well as yellow sheep, wolves, hares, wild ducks, foxes, squirrels, lizards, doll head snakes, pheasants, Pheasant and so on. The most romantic thing is to lie on the warm sand dunes and look out into the distance to watch the sunset. Excited for a day, we lined up, lying at the highest point of the sand dunes, smashing the impetuous sun-baked oysters, letting the warmth of the quicksand, breaking into the heart, driving away the gradual tiredness, feeling the sunset and My love for the end of the world is like a fire, and the printing and dyeing is half the sky. We are lying on the golden sand dunes that are connected to the earth. At this moment, we are also stunned by the smudged soul. No one talks anymore, for fear of missing this beautiful style. . The afterglow of the setting sun from Yin Hong, to orange red, then to orange red, and finally can not wait to fall into the golden sand sea, leaving a faint afterglow, watching us return home.
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