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keto go fit No matter how much the media can stress the dreamy idea that “everyone should accept oneself as it is” or that “you’re still beautiful even if you’re fat as a hippo,” well here’s the truth: these are all blatant lies. We live in a slim-oriented society, our ideals of beauty privilege tall, athletic, thin people, not overweight, chubby ones. There’s nothing sexy in a flabby tummy, and every time you will look at yourself in the mirror you will be remembered of this harsh reality. Overweight people are often targets of derision, discrimination, and most of the time they will be thoroughly stigmatized. Recent studies found that obese people have fewer chances to find employment, and when they do, they are often offered lower wages. If you want to “love yourself” or appreciated your self-image… start losing your weight and doing physical exercise. This a much more honest approach to reality compared to every other advertisement or social marketing lie.


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