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How to get the World of Warcraft classic mount
In World of Warcraft Classic, there are 71 mounts, including: 34 Union mounts and 27 tribe mounts. The WOW Classic Mounts takes on the role of transportation and can increase your movement speed by a certain amount and travel around most areas.

You need enough WOW Classic Boosting at GameMS to pay for your mount, but learning how to grow gold is also an important long-term lesson for you. World of Warcraft classic mounts can have rare or epic qualities, they have different moving speeds and can be used at different levels.

There are easiest ways to get mounts, you can get them by buying WOW Classic Boosting at GameMS.com. Here we offer the cheapest price, safe and fast delivery and 100% safe insurance. Buy now and enjoy the lowest price ever.

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