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Xiaomeng is a girl who loves
Xiaomeng is a girl who loves fantasy. She once had many dreams: she saw Yang Liping��s ethereal and peacock dance, she wanted to be a dancer; when she heard the sound of Tian Zhen��s hoarse magnetic, she produced another one. The idea of ??a musician; and when she reads "Small Swift Flying, Falling Flower Independent", she wants to be a poet again... In the end, all her dreams are dead, leaving only confusion: I should How to do it?"he class, the old Wang��s essay ��The Dream of Little Dreams�� caused my resonance. ��What should I do?�� This is the confusion of Xiaomeng and my confusion.ed to be a girl who was always determined, and at the beginning of every dream she made a wish. When I was young, when I was ignorant, the teacher was my only dream, so I worked hard and studied hard. Later, I found that I didn't have enough patience, and my irritability and my emotionalization were not suitable for being a teacher Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa. So, I decisively gave up this wish. In the class class last year, I wrote the dream of an astronaut in the "Tree of Dreams"'t know if my dreams are realistic Super Cheap Cigarette Free Shipping, I don't know if I will change in the future, but I will be confused when I face the erratic dreams of youth. What should I do? Is it necessary to "establish a long-term ambition" ohe way to chasing dreams, how can I fly?il that day, I listened to a song and remembered that there were a few words in it - "Dream does not matter the sky, the dream does not matter or win, the dream does not matter the past and the present, the dream does not matter.good sentence "doesn't matter"! I seem to have solved the problem, the original "dream is an open question"! Yat-sen gave up as a doctor, and finally "the world is the public" became the pioneer of the democratic revolution; Mr. Lu Xun also studied medicine in Sendai, and later abandoned the doctor, he, "cross-browed cold to thousands of fingers, bowed to be a scorpion cow" He is the master of the Chinese cultural revolution; he remembered Andersen, who dreamed of being a ballerina, but later became a world-renowned writer...y all gave up their original dreams, but they all succeeded, because they chose the road that suits them and walked out of their own glory! suddenly open, and the dream is not what you want to insist on, you can achieve it if you want to master it. Throughout the ages Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free, how many people have studied hard, but how many of them can be named in the final? What is the geometry of the famous Sun Mountain? Dreams are what you want to achieve!our dreams must match your strength!want to be a teacher Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons, you have to have great patience and profound knowledge. If you want to be a dancer, you have to have a slender figure and enough skills... Your dreams are in line with your strength, and you are close to success Wholesale Cigatettes. step!ng to the dream is certainly worthy of recognition, but it is not unreasonable to adjust the dream according to reality, because -

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