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One day in late
One day in late April, I was frustrated by the life of Songxi. I wandered around with a parcel and took the shuttle bus home. The moment I stopped at the Yangyuan bell, I heard the news of the recruitment and distribution agency. At dinner, the older brother confirmed the authenticity of the news and encouraged me to apply. Although I was quite unwilling in my heart, I had no choice but to agree to face the situation of running out of mountains and rivers. Tian, ??the eldest brother just happened to go to the township government meeting, he opened a certificate, brought me, went to the supply and marketing cooperative together is a two-story house with brick and wood structure. The first floor is the business hall, with a wide range of goods, the sales staff of the beautiful, has become a place for everyone to walk; the second floor is the office and staff quarters of the leadership Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online. All executives are gathered in a hall to work. Director Ye was in this hall, met my eldest brother, and hurriedly stood up and said hello, then brewed two cups of tea and handed it. Big Brother introduced: "This is my fourth brother, high school education, I want to apply for recruitment, I don't know if I can do it?" Director Ye Xiangxiang gave me a look, then said: "Fu Director (Director) just went out, it is said that the number of places registered It��s already full, I don��t know if I can add one. When he comes back, I will discuss it with him.�� So, the older brother handed my certificate to him, and after a few words he left. Days, the supply and marketing community came to inform, let me go to the county supply and marketing cooperative to participate in the unified examination. Subjects are language, mathematics, and abacus. I remember that the content of the essay is to describe a character. I created a female salesperson with a beautiful mind and appearance, and made up for the shortcomings of mathematics and abacus by virtue of the high scores of the composition, and successfully accepted it. Arranged to the Shantou purchase and sales station to replace the employees of the city customs, on the first day of the salesperson's door business, the customer entered the market, and two of our four salespersons were novices. Suddenly, a group of villagers came from Donggong Village, saying that the pesticide indicators were sold to others by the purchase and sale station, and they were also put on pressure on the villagers who were officials in the township government. They almost got up. I immediately ran to the village to call Director Ye and I was quickly instructed. The troublemakers tossed a bit and walked silently. Not only pesticides, fertilizers, but also cloth, rock sugar, and soap are purchased by ticket. In this way, the purchase and sale station became a unit of Shannon, but often there was a dispute halfway, I was transferred to the grassroots department store as an administrator. At this time, Director Fu was promoted to the county supply and marketing cooperatives as the deputy director, and Director Ye also turned into the director in a logical way. It became my top boss department store warehouse. Due to the business, there were thousands of commodities. Inspection, billing, and delivery are all done by one person. Every time I go to the grassroots society to open the meeting, the sales department, the people who buy and sell the goods to the goods, often rushed on, just like robbing, rushing new goods, a mess. It takes a few days of effort to restore a neat situation Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale. At the end of the month, I have to do the accounts. I often work overtime until two or three in the morning. It is only one month's receipt and delivery voucher. Stacked up and stretched my hands to reach the chin Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. Working as usual during the day, tired and dizzy, and listless. Heavy workload, crushing my load. It is also said that the downstairs of the duty room once hanged a person Cigarette Cartons For Cheap, sleeping every day, prematurely watching the flashlight with trepidation, often awakened in a nightmare, causing extreme mental stress. So, I ran to the boss, and said to the leader in a panting breath: "Director Ye, my work is too busy, I can't afford it, can I add one person, and the billing is separated from the warehouse. This can solve the workload. Unfair problems, it is also a good thing to supervise the young people to do more!" Director Ye Xiangxiang gave me a look, quite carelessly said that I don't want to be lazy, but really can't afford it. "I said that the warehouse has always been done by one person." Director Ye is very impatient to say how many employees have been in the past, how many employees are now, and other departments have added people. Why are department stores not adding people? Why are they always looking at new ones? problem. "Under this, I can't help but worry about the old eyes. I can only do it alone. If you don't do it, I will arrange for others to do it." I didn't expect the last sentence to put the director in a hurry on your hand. Adding no people, and arranging who to do it is your business. "I said indignantly that the person who saw me grew stronger and hurriedly pulled me away. Some people were gloating and secretly happy. Some people worried about me, an old employee who also worked in agriculture and agriculture, quietly said to me: "A Brother, you are too courageous to dare to argue with the leader? It is a loss. I used to retaliate with the leader and worked for more than 20 years. So far, even a contract worker has never thought of it. After a few days, Director Ye went to the department store to find me and said to me: I know that your job is the busiest in the whole society, but all the posts are 'a pit of a robe'. In a short period of time, the staff can't arrange it. Besides, even if you add one, you can't cooperate with you Marlboro 100S Carton. People are not good for work." He sighed and said: "But, you said that I am 'old-eyed to treat new problems', I am difficult to director Ye, I am tired and physically exhausted, feel helpless, only I am asking for help. Please understand that I have been pondering: Is it true that Mr. Ye is "watching new problems with the old eyes"? From then on, I have never mentioned anything to increase the number of personnel to Director Ye. Neighbourhood. Holding a certificate every year, silently doing four and a half years. Was transferred to the industrial product buyer. Soon was selected as a member of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative Council, and the time of positive contact with Director Ye is gradually increasing. Now the office becomes After the meal, after the leisure, the place to stay in the leisure time. Occasionally 

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